Single Stream Recycling

Single stream recycling is available to everyone in the city of Troy. Households are eligible for curbside collection by the city, while many businesses and apartment complexes contract with a private hauler to collect recyclables, but either way, you can put any recyclables in it.

Getting a Bin

Blue recycling bins are available from City Hall. The best way to get a bin  is to fill out an on line request form at Recycle Bin Request Form.  You could also try calling the DPW Dispatcher:  270-4579 or the Solid Waste Management Office: 279-7161.

What what can go in single stream?

Plastic Recylcing

Plastic containers labeled with recycling numbers 1-7, which includes all rigid plastics.

All plastics except styrofoam, thin film, and plastic bags  can be put into single stream recycling bins. For plastic bag and film recycling see



Metal Recycling

Aluminum/Tin: Foil, pie tins, cans, Steel: Cans, Empty Spray Cans

Almost any metal can be recycled in single stream recycling, but large scrap metal should be brought to a scrap yard.

Paper Recycling

Junk Mail, paper bags, office paper, newspapers, magazines, posters, paper packaging, etc.

Any paper products can be processed in single stream recycling, but it is important to keep grease & food off of it.

Cardbaord and Paperboard Recycling

Cardboard, and paperboard, including juice boxes, cartons, shipping boxes, cardboard tubes, cereal boxes, etc.


Carton Recycling

Many people don’t know that cartons are recyclable in Troy. For more information about Carton Recycling, see FAQs

Any paper products can be processed in single stream recycling, but it is important to keep grease & food off of it, so no Pizza boxes!

Glass Recycling

Glass containers: jars, bottles, etc. Any Color: Brown, Clear, Green, Blue, Etc.
Labels may remain on the glass, cleaning is unnecessary.

Any color glass containers are allowed in single stream recycling, but panes, dishes, lights, or shards are not accepted.


City of Troy Recycling Page (For collection schedules, holidays, etc.)

The Ultimate Plastic Breakdown (For more detail on the types of plastics)

Video of the recycling facility in Albany where most recycling in Troy goes:

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