Complete Streets

A Complete Street is a roadway planned and designed to consider the safe, convenient access and mobility of all roadway users of all ages and abilities. This includes pedestrians, bicyclists, public transportation riders, and motorists; it includes children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Complete Street roadway design features include sidewalks, lane striping, bicycle lanes, paved shoulders suitable for use by bicyclists, signage, crosswalks, pedestrian control signals, bus pull-outs, curb cuts, raised crosswalks, ramps and traffic calming measures.

In 2013 a volunteer citizen work group, Transport Troy, was appointed by Mayor Lou Rosamilia to study the conditions of Troy’s transportation network and the potential for improvement. You can read their full report: TroyNY Complete Streets 2014.pdf

In this report is also a draft Complete Streets Ordinance for the City of Troy, NY which Jeff Olson of Alta Planning describes as a model Complete Streets ordinance and is using in his presentations to other communities.

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