Why Bike?

Most car trips are under 3 miles.  Riding a bicycle is a no-brainer when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.  It’s also a human-paced, fun, healthy way to travel , for healthy life sildenafil online .  Sure, we have some hills, but if you begin to ride regularly, you will very quickly notice the hills get easier. The challenges are outweighed as your urban experience becomes richer and getting around to where you need to be becomes more satisfying.

Getting a Bike

Craigslist is a pretty good place to find a bike if you know what you are looking for and know what to look out for (people trying to rip you off!).

The Troy Bike Rescue is another place to look for a bike.  It’s an all-volunteer community bike space that works to recycle and redistribute donated bicycles of all sorts. They offer Bike Adoption (a sliding scale donation for a used bike), or a Learn & Earn program in which a participant builds their own bicycle while learning new skills and exchanging time as a volunteer.  TBR is located at 3280 6th Avenue in North Troy.

If you have your mind set on something shiny and new, there are several local bike shops including the Bike Barn in Cohoes and The Downtube in Albany.

Locking Up Your Bike

Buy a lock for your bike.  Troy Bike Rescue sells an economy lock (2 feet of chain and a padlock) for a donation of $5.  There are a variety of locks available in local hardware stores or even Big Lots.  The best way to lock a bike is to ensure that both wheels are locked as well as the frame.  Locking the frame is the ultimate point of security.  Because the front wheel is easier to remove than the back wheel, if you cannot lock both wheels, try to at least lock the front wheel including the frame so that your front wheel isn’t stolen.  Be sure what you are locking to is tall enough that a thief could not lift your bike over it and run-off with your locked bike (cutting the lock elsewhere).   Just because a yard has a fence around it, unfortunately, does not make it a safehaven for your bike.  Advocate with your favorite businesses to install bike racks.  They are sorely needed for Troy to become a bicycle-friendly city.

Repairing Your Bike

Bikes do breakdown and cyclists of all skill-levels experience occasional flat tires.  The good news is, a flat tire is actually pretty easy to fix if you know how and carry the proper supplies.  Most things can be easily prevented with routine maintenance, or easily repaired.   To learn more about fixing flats and bike maintenance, visit the Open Shop (M & W 5-8pm) or Fem Shop (Th 5-8pm for women and trans only) at Troy Bike Rescue.  You can bring your bike in-need of repair for a suggested donation, or you can learn and volunteer free of charge.

Riding Safely in the City

For many more inspiring educational videos to help you transition to bicycling as a preferred form of transportation, check out this video series by the League of American Bicyclists.

Advocate for Bicycle Infrastructure

Troy is a geographically bikeable city, but it is sadly not bicycle-friendly.  Building bicycle infrastructure will make the roads safer for all its users.  It will also encourage more people to leave their cars at home, or sell them altogether, and get out to ride.  Tell your public officials to support Troy’s Complete Streets initiatives and encourage local businesses to install bike racks.

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