Transport Troy

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Complete Streets

A Complete Street improves the ability for all people to safely travel throughout communities and cities.  Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed the Complete Streets Act (Chapter 398, Laws of New York) on August 15, 2011, requiring state, county and local agencies to consider the convenience and mobility of all users when developing transportation projects that receive state and federal funding.


A walkable community is one where people of all abilities are able to safely navigate their environment as pedestrians and meet their daily needs within walking distance of their home.


Most car trips are under 3 miles.  Riding a bicycle is a no-brainer when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.  It’s also a human-paced, fun, healthy way to travel and build a street-level relationship with the urban environment.

Car Sharing

info about car shares… either specific, or general… car sharing is a good thing.

Public Transit

link to CDTA; note that all buses have bike racks; number to call for route and schedule information

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