Solarize Troy

Solarize Troy

What is Solarize?

Solarize is a bulk purchase of solar equipment and installation services. By working together with many households interested in buying solar, we can get better prices on better equipment. This process has been used successfully around the US to dramatically reduce costs and make it easier for home and business owners, because we at Solarize Troy do a lot of the hard work for you.



The  2015  Solarize campaign has now ended. Thanks and congratulations  to all those who went solar through Solarize Troy!

Results of 2014/15 Campaigns

2014 2015 Total
Installed kW 179 219 398
Estimated Annual Production (kWh) 214,968 262,656 477,624
Estimated CO2 Avoided (lbs) 118,232 144,461 262,693
Estimated CO2 Avoided (tons) 59 72 131
Cost Savings Per Year ($) $32,245 $39,398 $71,644

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Latest News 

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