Farmers Market

The Troy Waterfront Farmers Market is every Saturday all year round in downtown Troy, New York.

Changes at the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market

The Troy Waterfront Farmers Market is supporting the roll-out of the City of Troy Plastic Free Hudson ordinance passed in 2019, and the New York State plastic carryout ban, both of which take effect March 1, 2020

Some changes you will soon see at the Market:

    • Eliminating single-use plastic carryout bags replaced by compostable or re-usable bags.
    • Food and beverage for onsite consumption will be served in compostable containers and cups, with compostable utensils. Customers are encouraged to bring their own re-usables.
    • Compostable straws will be provided, with plastic straws available by request only.

You can help us build a more sustainable future.  Bring your own bags (or purchase some at the Farmers Market) and bring your own containers such as re-usable beverage cups and utensils.

Find sustainable alternatives here


The Farmers Market vendors will no longer give out single-use plastic carry-out bags.  We encourage consumers to bring their own shopping bags, or purchase bags at the Farmers Market table.  The retailers in the Farmers Market can provide recyclable and compostable paper or plant-based bioplastic bags.  A City of Troy 5-cent fee will be charged for paper carry-out bags upon checkout.


Prepared food vendors are prohibited from using single-use Styrofoam containers.   Food for on-site consumption will be served in compostable or re-usable containers.  Take-out foods must be packaged in recyclable or compostable packaging.  This ban does not apply to meat, fish, and deli items.


Plastic straws will no longer be automatically provided with beverage sales.  Compostable paper or fiber straws may be offered.  Plastic straws may be provided by customer request only.  Vendors are not required to carry plastic straws.

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