Troy Zero Waste

Troy Zero Waste information is available every  Saturday at the Troy Farmers Market at Transition Troy’s  Sustainability and Local Resilience booth. Troy Zero Waste staffs this booth from time to time, as do people from other groups.

Mission of Troy Zero Waste:

To advocate and demonstrate the possibilities for zero waste  for Troy’s  residents, businesses, and public officials  in order to build a cleaner, healthier community and reduce environmental and financial costs to Troy citizens.

The concept behind zero waste is simple. Examine the things that we waste, and find ways to make use of those resources. This guide is divided into 6 parts:

Avoiding Waste

The first thing to consider when reducing the trash we produce, is what can be avoided all together. Are there options to avoid extra packaging? Can you get things used? This section provides many helpful ideas on avoiding waste in the first place.

Single Stream Recycling

This is the curbside recycling available to all citizens of Troy. The City Code requires that you separate your basic recyclables and place them in a recycling bin. These bins are available to all residents at city hall.


Compostable materials are valuable to our soil, and make up 30-40% of our trash. By composting instead, you can make a huge dent in your waste production. Plus it is great for your garden!


Items such as plastic bags, textiles, furniture, building supplies and more can be locally recycled or reused. This section will guide you through the options for keeping these items out of the landfill.


Some items, such as styrofoam blocks, diapers, broken glass, and more can only be put in the landfill. This section will outline what should be put into the landfill and how to avoid these items if possible.


Items such as electronics, batteries, pharmaceuticals, hazardous chemicals, Etc. should never be put in the trash they must be disposed of and/or recycled properly. This section will guide you through the local options for dealing with these items.

Questions about Composting, Recycling, Zero Waste, etc.? Want to get involved? Feel free to contact us at .

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