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Harry Roy –

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It was clear from the beginning that the installation of a solar system is a major construction project with multiple steps. I got a late start due to a vacation I had planned that did not finish until the end of June 2014. Still, given the guidelines from RGS, I expected the project would be completed by November. This did not happen. Apparently there was a big delay in getting the engineering drawings from a firm that RGS had engaged for that part of the project. After this, I found it frustrating to put up with delays that seemed excessive for the nature of the tasks being done. Now we are waiting for the power company to OK the connection, which we are warned will take several weeks. Not that a great deal of solar power is available during January, with our panels covered in snow! My advice to people considering solar is to think long term. The investment, after the tax breaks and Solarize Troy rebate, means that you can get a return on your money that is  better than most mutual funds, and of course you are reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. A rare opportunity to do good and do well at the same time.

Harry Roy
15 Riding Club Road
Troy NY 12180


Jack Magai:

What I wanted to pass on was that RGS made a proposal lower than the two others I got (Empire and Positive Energy). Then well after an engineering visit (by a guy much too young to be an engineer) they sent a change order which upped the price by ~25%, without really any explanation. It turned out that they wanted to charge this additional fee for a roofer to follow up on their penetrations through our roof. This was the first time they specified penetrations vs. ballasting, and there was no good explanation of why this wasn’t in the initial estimate (which had followed a salesman’s visit to the roof).

I then spent a while on the phone, finally reaching somebody in Westchester who knew what he was talking about. It turned out that the whole time they didn’t know what type of roof I had. My impression is that things get passed around from one person to another without adequite communication among themselves or to the customer.

As a result of all that I lost $0.2/Watt on the NYSERDA grant waiting for this deal to go through.

I’m now choosing between the other two companies.

Hopefully other folks have had better results with them. Feel free to share this tale of woe,

Jack Magai


Sam Stallone:

Hi Solarize Troy!

Sam Stallone here, from Cohoes, NY who happened to get in on Solarize Troy Pricing through RGS for the instillation of my 2.2Kw Solar Panel System. (so far the smallest system installed)

All in all it was a pretty good experience. The sales rep. Joshua Beach was great to work with as were Chris, the RGS construction super and the Apex install crew and electricians. They actually made the project a great success. RGS was good on the front end, but I did find fault with them in not communicating enough with me and almost not making the install on time, a Josh intervention cleared that up.

I picked Solarize because of the products they used through RGS, Solar World Panels and Enphase Micro Inverters.  I was glad to get in on the Solarize pricing and by time final invoicing, I was eligible for an additional $700.00 discount for Solarize Troy blocking out enough Kw’s to up the discount tier.

I have to give the whole experience of the install a solid 8 out of 10. Recommending only that the vendor contact the buyer more frequently to give status updates other than the scheduled phases of development.

Thanks Solarize Troy, Pictures to come…

Sam Stallone



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