Citizen-driven action has proven to be a key factor to making progress in sustainability of all kinds in communities all across the nation and the world.  At Transition Troy we want to recognize the efforts made by our own community members to build a more resilient Troy, so we’re hosting a Celebration! To build awareness for all the sustainability initiatives around Troy, attending local groups will have the opportunity to showcase who they are and what they’re working on! With several speakers, key presentations, children’s activities and free food it is going to be a blast! Leading up to the Celebration we want to highlight a few cases of outstanding work done by dedicated Trojans through weekly blog posts, starting with Margination below, to let people know what’s out there.  Continue to check back here to learn about more great initiatives around Troy!

Margination is a non-profit organization confronting the challenges of insecurity and isolation facing a growing number of Americans. We are a diverse group that’s assembled in North Central Troy to show how everyday people can build better futures together. We believe that complex problems demand comprehensive solutions:  such solutions require commitment and a broad range of experience and skills among the people building them. This will always be Margination’s greatest asset.


After five years of research and development, we chose to establish our first demonstration in Troy, a city whose struggles with unemployment and blight are shared by communities across the country. Since moving here a year and a half ago, we’ve started two worker-owned businesses, transformed an old Victorian house into our first base of operations and begun renovating an abandoned apartment building. We are now fundraising for the first time to turn an empty factory into a makerspace for the marginalized and disadvantaged. We are always looking for new members and supporters who contribute to our capacity and diversity. Our specific needs include web design and coding, legal support, fundraising, environmental sustainability, business, and construction and design.


– Georgia Julius, Margination correspondent

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April 11th is coming up! Be sure to go to for more information on our Celebrate Troy event!

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