Celebrate Troy!

Citizen led action is making enormous strides in Troy. Whether in collaboration with Transition, Troy City government, the nonprofit community, or simply between neighbors, people are volunteering their time and energy to build a stronger, more resilient Troy.

We celebrated this human energy that is making the Troy community so vibrant with Celebrate Troy! last April 11, 2015,  3 p.m.-6 p.m. at the Russell Sage College, Bush Memorial Auditorium. Groups already involved in a project  were invited to submit a poster. All were invited to come to this free event for the inspiration, collaboration, vision, free food, and to learn from each other, celebrate each other, meet each other, and continue to build the Troy we want to live in together.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.55.29 PMWe were excited to have as our keynote speaker, Bruce Seifer, retired after three decades as a planner for the City of Burlington, VT, and recently co-author of Sustainable Communities: Creating a Durable Local Economy. Bruce was a key player in making Burlington the vibrant community it is today. He was available to sign copies of the book,  made available with the gracious support of Market Block Books.

During the event there were a few brief, uplifting “pop-up” presentations from leaders of recent local initiatives.


We were proud to have as a co-sponsor the Sage Climate Crisis Center.

Excerpts from 3/17/15 Troy Record article on the Celebration: http://www.troyrecord.com/general-news/20150317/transition-troy-hopes-to-celebrate-achievements

Transition Troy hopes to celebrate achievements By Molly Eadie, Troy Record Posted:

TROY >> In celebration of citizen-led achievements in the city, Transition Troy is planning an event on April 11 and is looking for local groups to participate.

“We think the groups that have sprung up, whether directly out of Transition or otherwise, have had some awesome successes in the past few years, and we want to celebrate them,” said Anasha Cummings, an organizer with Transition Troy.

Transition Troy defines itself as “a collection of groups and individuals with a positive vision of a sustainable Troy, acting on that vision and building that future.”

Some projects Transition Troy has supported include Solarize Troy, Troy Zero Waste, Transport Troy and the Troy Vehicle Sharing Cooperative. Representatives from these groups will give presentations about the models they use to make a difference during the event.


As part of the event, organizers are creating a “moasic of action,” a poster representing citizen-led projects that are working to improve their neighborhood, the city or the world, while building local resilience.

“In Transition, we seek to address, and be aware of (with our eyes open), the destabilizing threats in our future, like climate change and the extreme weather and food-system disruption it brings with it, like dependency on uncertain oil markets, and like increasing income and wealth inequality which is destabilizing our economic system,” said Cummings. “But we react to these threats not by withdrawing, freezing, or ignoring them, but by building social structures that improve our lives today, and improve our capacity to withstand shocks in the future.”

Some examples of groups building resilience include neighborhood associations, buy local initiatives, or a complete streets initiative.

Event organizer Kyle Plante is coordinating a team of local artists to help groups make graphical representations of what they are doing for the mosaic. About 75 groups are already involved.

“People have greater ability to improve their neighborhood and City than I realized before working with Transition Troy,” said Plante.


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